Male Chapter?

So, SiBaW sorta started a male chapter of the Bad for Shidduchim club. That is, he is willing to slap you with points, but not to permit you to redeem them. Now honestly, I don’t get the point in that. Do you think I would bother going through the effort of doing all these terrible things without the promise of ice cream for it? Then again, considering some of the stuff that makes his list, maybe it’s a good thing…

Look at This…

Shuttle just directed me to some posts on this blog which made me laugh.

Here’s one (comparing Parshas Chayei Sarah to the shidduch parsha) and here’s another (about the difficulty of finding a wife) and here’s a third (mostly about dating out of yeshiva).

And while we’re at it, LWY has been double-dating… tsk.

Michelle has three posts on shidduchim in a row:

This one about racking up shidduch points

This one about keeping track of past dates (I do, ever since I realized I’d lost count of how many people I’d gone out with.)

And this one about proposals

Happy reading.