Great Link

I love BoSD’s story about a first-first date experience that got a little embarrassing. Remember that first first date? I remember that first first date… I was so self-conscious and worried that I wasn’t doing everything exactly so. My favorite line from the story:

This wasn’t just the first ever date for a girl, but for a family. It is an experience of such magnitude, words can’t do it justice.

Anyway, pop over and enjoy.

PS: this post was auto-scheduled a while ago without proper reference to a calendar, for those of you who found a weird date on your RSS feed and are wondering what was going on there…


Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s post is hosted elsewhere.

That’s my way of taking due credit for my portion of Blobby’s graphically illustrative shidduch post.

Course, there were a few of my ideas that didn’t make it. Mostly because they were “too complicated” (polar coordinates, anyone?). I’ll get along to generating those later this week. In the mean time, enjoy the post and feel free to comment here.

PS: she forgot the asterisk from graph 7 *results may vary depending on high school attended.