Friday Repost: How I Know It’s Been a Good Date

We don’t talk about each other’s siblings or educational history. 


Quote of the Weekend: Say What?

Bunch of single women sitting around swapping bad date stories about the wacky, uninhibited things guys have said on dates.

Thoughtful Gal wonders: “Do the things we say ever sound as completely weird to guys as the things they say sound to us?”

For the Peanut Gallery: Offensive Defensiveness

This came up over Shabbos:

You’re on a date and your partner is grilling you aggressively. (“What are you learning? Who do you learn with? How much do you cover?” or “What are you studying? Why? What do you plan to do with it?”) You’re pretty sure it stems from lack of experience and nervousness. You’d like to gently deflect the questions and change the course of the conversation to something lighter and friendlier without offending the other party or making them think you have something to hide.

What do you do?