Friday Repost: Sometimes a Date is Just a Date

I’ll just copy and paste this one; it’s too short to send you linking:

Setting: up to the dates in the simanim (no, nothing as bad as you’d think…)

Father: Wow, these dates are really good.

Daughter: (chewing) I haven’t had a good date in a long time.

(All look at daughter and snigger.)

Daughter: Wha-at? Did I say something?


Cause for Celebration?

I recently marked my 42nd gentleman caller — although that’s a bit of a misnomer as I had to go to him. (Driving 2 hours to date someone in NYC is normal. Driving two hours to date someone outside is to much to ask.)
The rate of gentlemen over the years has not been constant; there’s been a bit of an increase. Indeed, if this trend continues I think I may soon see my 50th “caller.”

Dates per Year

That calls for a party, methinks. A Confirmed Bachelorette party, celebrating Half a Century of Men and Boys. Gifts not required, but welcome if they purr.

Does this signify anything? I doubt it. After all, my math shows that there must be hundreds if not thousands of bachelors in my range around. So this is more of an excuse to throw a party, and maybe get a cat, than anything else. But the big Five-Oh… surely that’s a number worth marking?