Link to Hope (or Just Another Study)

HT to MF#7 (& Ezzie) who sent me this article reassuring educated women that they still have a shot at getting married, as long as they don’t insist on a guy more educated than themselves.  According to this chart, men want love, education, and good looks more than ever before. The article emphasizes the education part, of course.

Repost: Why You Went to College

This is funny. But true. A friend of mine visited a shadchan who confided that she prides herself on never giving advice. But for this friend, she felt that she just had to break her rule.

You see, Friend was not in college. Friend had a decent job and an active social life, and Friend was enjoying this. She felt no particular rush – after all, she was only six months post-seminary. She couldn’t be expected to know what she wanted to do with life yet, and why pay for expensive college courses while she figured it out?

“You have to be studying something,” the shadchan said. “The mothers always ask. It could be anything – it doesn’t have to be college. Take a course. But you need to be studying something or They won’t like it.”