Let’s Riot!

Ezzie sent me this link about sex-selective abortion in the east from the Freakanomics blog a while ago. Mostly what I got out of it was the following paragraph:

In Egypt, for example, at last count fully 50 percent of men age 25 to 29 were unmarried. That’s a huge number in a society that is very focused on family. Some scholars contend such low marriage rates have left a population of easily influenced young men—and helped contribute to the Arab Spring protests earlier this year.

Did you see that? When women are stuck being single you get Gone with the Wind: pining at home or catfighting over wedding bands. When men are stuck single, they riot and overthrow governments.

Which sounds more fun to you?

We women have come a long way in the past century. We can vote, we can work, we earn and advance in the working world as equals with men. But we still can’t bring ourselves to riot.

Ladies, it’s time to take control of our lives. Are we going to forever be playing catchup with the male population?

We’re single too! Let’s react to that as equals with men!

We can’t afford to be left behind!

We must let the world know about our discontent!

We too have a right to smash things when we’re upset!

Yes we can!

Let’s riot!


Your Price in Camels

Scraps was wondering how much she’d go for in camels if she auctioned herself off at the bedouin shuk in Be’er Sheva, so I googled it.

Not recommended. Too many women and wives wear camel-colored clothing. That said, the price in Egypt seems to be approximately 20 camels for a woman. Here it’s reported as 16, so we can guess the range is about 18+/-5. Since most of it probably depends on looks, you can value yourself accordingly.

On the other hand, one must recall that Egypt is a bargaining country, so the offer might have been low to allow for a price rise in negotiations.

Finally, as Scraps pointed out, skyrocketing prices in Egypt partially sparked the uprising there, so it’s very likely that inflation has raised your price. In Egypt you are probably worth far more by now.

It’s important not to sell yourself cheap, even if you’re desperate. So, if you’re going to have yourself sold for camels, make sure it’s at least 30.

(PS: Scraps also dug up this woman/camel calculator, but I don’t think it’s based on actual market prices. Still, it might give you a rough estimate of how you compare in the spec checklist.)