Thursday Link: Dating Detox

Sorry TJG, but your post made me laugh. Ten whole days without dating! Withdrawal symptoms, keep back!

I think my longest dateless streak was 11 months. It was a lovely 11 months spent with girlfriends in an exotic location known as Too-OOT, and overall, it was terrifyingly pleasant. We didn’t judge each other because there was no need; we simply did stuff and ate stuff, listened to stuff and talked about stuff in each others company. Yes, TJG, not dating is really quite nice.

Sometimes I wish I could not-date someone until I marry him.



Great Link

I love BoSD’s story about a first-first date experience that got a little embarrassing. Remember that first first date? I remember that first first date… I was so self-conscious and worried that I wasn’t doing everything exactly so. My favorite line from the story:

This wasn’t just the first ever date for a girl, but for a family. It is an experience of such magnitude, words can’t do it justice.

Anyway, pop over and enjoy.

PS: this post was auto-scheduled a while ago without proper reference to a calendar, for those of you who found a weird date on your RSS feed and are wondering what was going on there…