She Thinks She Can She Thinks She Can

Here’s a plug on behalf of my rafiki Naomi, who is running the Miami Marathon in a couple of weeks on behalf of Chai Lifeline. I did that once-upon-a-time, and it was pretty awesome. Some posts below.

Lend her a hand in collecting the last bit of the $3600 she needs to raise for Chai Lifeline, K? Just pop down here and donate a couple hundred. Or just ten. Hey, it’s a good cause.

Some of the more interesting posts:

Where Shidduchim and Marathons (Inevitably) Meet

The Actual Marathon (from starting line to finish)

Journal Posts from Miami:

Road to the Miami Marathon (from packing through the airport)

Arrival in Miami (from the airport to the hotel)

Bas Melech Arrives

Killing Friday Morning in Miami

Team Shabbos (from the sandcastle to the food)