Getting Together

I wrote this mostly to annoy my writing professor, who doesn’t seem enamored with rhymes, unenjambed lines, and iambic meter. Still, I think it applies to most of us in the single age and stage, when our friends start scattering.

Getting Together


What luck bumping into you out on this street

It seems like forever since our last meet

What do you say that we go out to eat

At six on Tuesday in Brooklyn?


It’s so great to talk, so tell me, what’s new?

I’d love to spend time catching up with you

But I’ve got to work late—cuz there’s so much to do

So how about coffee at nine?


Esther, my friend, tell me whattaya think—

You, me, and Leah get ourselves a drink?

If that’s inconvenient I won’t make a stink

If we just have dinner at six in Brooklyn.


Haven’t seen you or Leah in way too long

I’d love to meet-up—don’t get me wrong

But my thesis is due and the end must be strong

So how about something on Thursday?


Gila there’s something I’d like to discuss,

Why don’t you come get together with us?

At nine Tuesday or Thursday or I won’t make a fuss

If we have dinner on Tuesday in Brooklyn.


I haven’t seen you in what seems like a year

I’d love to hang out—but choose someplace near.

The long train ride home in the night is a scare

How ‘bout joining me up in the Heights?


I like all you guys, wanted to meet you at six

But your schedules are such that I must choose betwixt

All of you and I can’t figure out who to nix

So I’ll stay home and reheat some pizza.