How DO These Guys Find These Places?

Winding up in a hotel lounge or a Starbucks is never a shock. Standard fall-back go-to place. When in doubt, get a drink.

What surprises me is when otherwise apparently sheltered yeshiva-type guys take you to a trendy little thematic lounge in SoHo or some cute little coffee shop in TriBeCa. Where do they find these places? Have they randomly searched it up online, or are these things passed along word of mouth from guy-to-guy-to-guy-to-guy…? (That would mean that an initial single black hat would turn into a trickle into a stream, but so far I’ve never seen another pair in these places. It’s not the Marriott lounge yet over there.)

Well, turns out I’m not the only curious one. Josh wants YOU to fill out his market research survey. It’s only about a minute long, it’s multiple choice, and really isn’t painful.

Then come back here and tell us: where’s the best dating spot you’ve ever been?

Where Oh Where Would My Date Want to Go…?

What’s a good venue for a date? We love complaining about lounges, but is there anywhere better? Personally, I prefer moving. I’m one of those people who often miss the bus because I’d rather walk to the next stop then stand still at the current one. I don’t mind sitting across a teeny tiny table with my legs cramped under my chair lest we accidentally footsie, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. But I understand that not everyone likes walking, especially without prior warning.

I also liked ProfK’s suggestion of a Barnes and Noble Starbucks cafe as a second date destination. I know I mentioned this to my sister and she was repulsed, so clearly it’s not for everyone.

So we all know where we don’t want to date (The Brooklyn Marriott). Question is, if any of us had our druthers, where would we like to be?

Since some folks have pleaded mercy on the guy’s wallet, extra points granted for locations that are free or cheap, in addition to being interesting.