The Best of BadforShidduchim

There’s a lot of stuff here, how do you know what to read?

I’d recommend reading all of it (no bias at all). But if you’ve got limited time, here’s the best of Bad for Shidduchim blog with descriptions for your convenience:
Some wry humor:

The Miserably Married Revenge Club – Why do married people enjoy matching up their single friends so much? It’s a conspiracy.

What Makes a Vacation – The Shadchan, of course. Have your vacations ceased to be makeup-less? Join the club.

Shidduch Bitachon – When people talk but don’t listen to the noise they’re making, they can say some pretty interesting things.

Me Magazine – The single girls’ answer to “being seen.”

Applying for a Husband – Write up your shidduch resume, compose a cover letter, and mail away to the Human Resources department of the bachelor of your choice.

Shidduch Revenge – it’s about time we had some fun with Shidduch dating.

Shidduch Musical – Welcome back to America and welcome to shidduch dating. Let’s dance about it. (Don’t forget to check out Shidduch Musical part 2)

Field Guide to Newly Engaged Friends – how to recognize them on the street or in the halls.

What’s Your Line? – A collection of some of the best dating gaffes

I Know His Sister… – Yeah, but how about him? Knowing my sister doesn’t mean you know me.

The Bad for Shidduchim Club – join and save your sanity. Collect points for being you.

Dating Must Brings – When a date goes really bad, be prepared!

Shidduch Shooting Gallery – one down, five to go. Blam!

Slowly Losing It – Are you turning into a crazy old single? Or are you single because you’re crazy?

The Bein Hazmanim Feeding Frenzy – It’s Pesach! Get engaged! Yesterday!

Um… Something Came Up – To tell or not to tell friends that you’re going on a date? Oh please… just tell.

Oh You’re Single? I Didn’t Know… I’m So Sorry! – Oh you nebach case!

And the Moral of the Story Is… – Essential lessons from dating stories.

Why to Learn Sign Language – It’s the language of shadchanim, that’s why.

The Liberating Ring – Ah… got the ring… now nothing matters. Freedom!

From the Against-All-Odds Casefiles – has your shidduch behavior been less than perfect? Draw strength from this girl who got married anyway.

Snarky Responses:

Im Yirtza Hashem by You – Do you hate that phrase? So do I. Time to take action!

Don’t Say This – the Bad4Shidduchim guide to responding to obnoxious comments about your status.

You’re Sorry for Me?… I’m So Sorry! – Bad4Shidduchim-sanctioned response to this.

Hilchos Dating Series:

Kavanah – before you do start…

Hachana – before you do anything…

Shtikah part 1– don’t tell…

Shtikah part 2 – don’t let them know…

Hilchos Dibur – Forget freedom of speech. This is dating.

Some pathos:

Shadchanim – Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Chances are good your experiences have been similar. (And more on shadchanim here.)

Essential Shidduch Statistics: Fat Potential – What’s your weight now? What’ll it be in 20 years? How important is it to find out? Read this.

Shidduch Desirability Equation – Calculate your net shidduch value.

The Queen and I – I wish I were a princess. It would be easier than being in shidduchim.

The Liberated Date – Welcome back to the Dark Ages. It’s shidduch dating.

Life Begins! – Being single is like being unborn. Being married is when real life begins. Right? Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

Purchase Specs – When you choose a computer, a car, or a husband, you must have a list of specs for the salesperson.

Status Discrimination – Being single is like being a lesser human being. No wonder we all want to get married.

Shidduch Euphemisms – heaven forbid we should speak the truth.

Yes, I Talk to my Cousins – Why do people automatically assume the worst about aidel maidels?

I’m Old – I’m Young – it’s all relative. And I mean relative.

Is Big Sister Really Watching? – Beware the Women in Black

Shidduch Violence – they’re out to get you! Your best friends, I mean.

What Seminary Says about You – Does your seminary really represent you?

Jaded Dater – Are you jaded? What does jaded mean?

Overthinking Dating – Do you also nit-pick your dates? Are you afraid of being nit-picked to rejection?

No I’m NOT Engaged! – If you don’t answer your phone for two evening in a row, people engage you on the spot.

Ohmigosh She’s Engaaaaged! – OK, so I’m a bit of a loser about dealing with engagements.

Some serious (and not-so-serious) thoughts:

The Purpose of Bad4Shidduchim – What’s the point of this blog? What stupid, pathetic, and altogether idiotic attitudes have annoyed me to the point of taking fingers to keyboard?

Girls Girls Girls – So when do you grow up enough to deserve the title ‘woman’? Ever wonder?

Ask Me about Me – How on earth should my friends know those sorts of things about me?!

Why Do You Want to Get Married? – How’s that for a thought-provoking question? Seriously, why?

Out of Mold Experience – Time to fit the stereotypes. In shidduch dating, that’s all anyone cares about you.

Describe Yourself – Quick – you have five seconds or three lines to prove that you’re the most desirable person in the world. What do you say?

Another Broken Engagement – Why, why, oh why?

The Purpose of Vorts – I hate ’em. Why do we do them again?

Where Does the Male Attitude Come From? – From their teachers, of course.

Would You Go Out With This Guy? – by modern methods, some ancient greats would never have matched up.

Everyone Has a Shidduch Crisis – how much of this has to do with different levels of sophistication?

Where the 10% Came From – saw that “10% will not marry” statistic? Wondered where it came from? Read this.

The Importance of Being Earnest but Not Lemony Snicket – anonymity in our community.

What Animal Would You Marry? – one must be prepared for everything. Even bizarre questions.

They Are the Happy Couples – about getting ready for marriage.

Our Tragedy is a Good Sign – it’s stupid to call it a crisis, but it’s something to be grateful for.

You’re Great – Let’s Get You Married – Why do our accomplishments make people bring up marriage?

Without Direction – Why guys should plan a dating destination.

It’s Officially Unofficial! – Why do we need “unofficial” engagements? It’s all about OnlySimchas.

Even Unto the Fourth Generation – What do my great grandparents have to do with me?

How Do You Know When You’ve Found ‘The One’? – That pretty much says it.

Soft Gloom – that feeling when you’ve failed to find ‘the one’ again.

Zoom zoom, cough cough – that funny feeling when a friend gets engaged – what is it? More about feelings and engaged friends here.

Some observations:

Yes, That Probably Would Be Bad for Shidduchim – this gem out of the hallowed halls of Touro College…

Doing What’s Good for Shidduchim – it just doesn’t pay.

A Very Expensive Way to Collect Shidduch Points – why go to Touro otherwise?

The Great Wide World is Crazy – About shidduch dating. You can’t escape it. Arrgh!

It’s a Match! – only in our community.

Assembly Line – A day in the life of a girl in a line of girls.

Potshot Time – C’mon, honestly – wouldn’t an arranged match be better?

Dating Must-Brings – Don’t leave home without these items – you might wind up cold, wet, abandoned, and hungry.

Who’s Date is this Anyway? Part 1 of 2 – Does your whole house go on a date when you do?

Who’s Date is this Anyway? Part 2 of 2 – Does the protocol of dating leave you feeling a drop… out of control?

Building Hysteria – maybe it’s time we stopped talking about shidduchim.

No Place is Sacred – When it comes to talking about dating, there’s no escape. Not even the bathroom.

Why So Secretive? Part 1 – Younger siblings… they add so much spice to life.

Why So Secretive? Part 2 – To avoid embarrassment, pressure, and the urge to strangle your near and dear.

Shidduch-ville entries:
Tales Out of Shidduch-ville
More Tales Out of Shidduch-ville
More From Shidduch-ville
What Makes a Vacation, revisited

The Segula Posts:

It’s a segula part 1 – Amuka, pouring water, sitting at corners.

It’s a segula part 2 – Buy a tallis/sheitel, hachnasas kallah, various chupa shtick, Shir Hashirim.

It’s a segula part 3 – Tzedaka, brachos, prayer.

Thoughts on segulos – Why do we have so many strange segulos for getting married?


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