Quote of the Week: Marry for…

“…you know, this job is only to keep me busy during the day,” the lab tech said, rummaging around for pipette.

“Really?” I said.

“Yep. My wife is a professional. She earns the bucks.”

“Good for her.”

“That’s why I married her.”

“For her job?”

“Yep. Listen to me, Bad4. You want to be happy, marry for money.”

“Marry for money,” I echoed in disbelief.

“Marry for money. Because even if the person drives you crazy—well, at least you can enjoy yourself, you know?”

“So your wife drives you crazy?”

“Oh, no. I love her, Bad4. Love her to pieces. But I didn’t when we got married. It grew, afterwards. Love can come later. It did, Bad4. We’ve been married fifteen years. Take my advice: marry for money.”

I’ll follow up on this one tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Marry for…

  1. Funny, since Chazal said never to do this and we have plenty of examples in modern society where this has proven to not be the greatest strategy for long-term success. How long has this fellow been married?

  2. When someone calls me for shidduch info regarding a friend/someone I know, etc. and they ask about money, I tell them if they wanna marry a bank, there are loads available.
    On the other hand, if they’re looking for a special GIRL-that’s a whole other subject!

  3. Fifteen years, I think he said. Something like that. He was probably partially kidding. But only partially. I mean, I’m sure he liked her a lot to marry her. (I edited it above to include the years.)

  4. It’s cute that they call you bad4 at work.

    Reminds me of my company where all the Asian people walked in the first day without English names and had to make ’em up on the spot.

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