Quote: Definitions

Overheard from someone perusing Zivug Zone:

“He says he’s ‘with-it.’ Why do the guys all say they’re ‘with-it’? It’s like the guy’s equivalent of ‘bubbly’.”

Yuck. I hate “bubbly.” Also “sparkling.” And, now that it’s been pointed out, “with-it” is kind of awful too. That’s really just another way of saying “I think I’m cooler than my friends,” isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Quote: Definitions

  1. It means, “Appearances to the contrary, I’m not as bookish, serious, ideological and insular as one might assume. I may even have a nodding acquaintance with pop culture and secular pursuits. But I can’t guarantee that this will persist past our one-year anniversary.”

  2. Yeah, I always thought “with-it” means “unashamedly can quote Simpsons, Seinfeld and Spiderman.”

  3. zivug zone is so sketchy. i get the weirdest messages. what kind of people are on that site anyway? oh wait. me.

    (my friend made me join, its all her fault…but maybe there’s a guy on there whose friend made him join too? hope springs eternal!)

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