3 thoughts on “Thursday Link: Marriage is Not for Me

  1. I think that the point is that just like a happy, loving parent is one who can do for one’s kids, a happy pet owner is one who does a lot for one’s pet, and a happy friend is one who can do something for his/her friend that will be appreciated (face it, you don’t buy your best friend a b-day gift because you HAVE to, you get it to see his/her response when he/she goes nuts over the gift.), a happily married person will be one who thinks about and does for the other.

    In a healthy relationship (and not one in which the other spouse just takes and assumes that everything is coming to him/her) it will reflect back and you will be as happy as you want to be (even for a “Westerner”).

    I think that the Rambam give this advice exactly when he writes in Mishnah Torah (Hilshos Ishus 15:19-20) that each spouse go the extra mile for the other spouse and concludes with:
    This is the custom of holy and pure Jewish women and men in their marriages. And these ways will make their marriage pleasant and praiseworthy.

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