A Sincere Apology

I owe you guys an apology.

If you’re reading this, then you’re awesome. You keep coming back, trusting me to put up fresh, interesting content, and  I have been letting you down recently. And, unfortunately, I am about to let you down even more.

A couple of years ago I tried writing a VBA program  to  simulate the dating process. When I ran my code, it got caught in an infinite loop. Taking this as a stamp of realism, I abandoned the virtual dating code and went back to reality’s dating code.  I was living in the infinite loop, going out with new guys every few months on an endless reel of first and second dates.

Well, recently, a software developer offered to help me drop out of the loop.

And I accepted.

This makes me an NEF, the butt of my own jokes, and no longer suitable to author this blog. With this post, I tender my resignation, effective immediately. Reposts will continue regularly until they reach today’s date. I sincerely apologize to everyone who is disappointed or inconvenienced in any way and wish you all the best.

PS: Since you are doubtless wondering: Blogging is both bad and good for shidduchim. Sometimes for the same shidduch.

PPS: And sometimes 42 really is the answer.

The Spinster Colony Exists!

Once upon a time there were such a thing as a housing development just for women. Like Begijnhof in Amsterdam. Or several similar types of places in New York City, the names of which escape me at the moment.

Anyway, I have suggested several times that strong, independent female types get together and rent a building or a town and create an official spinster colony, where women can be women without worrying about men, and maybe even raise their own kids together in one big happy matriarchy.

It never happened, partially because even strong, independent female types are convinced they are missing something without a man, and will hold out as long as necessary. Also, each candidate lived in a different city and was particularly attached to her job. That’s the problem with those strong, independent female types.

Anyway, turns out the all-women colony still exists! Down in Brazil. Except they’re not spinsters and they made the news because they’re looking for men. Oh well.