One-Track Mind Followup

Received via email:

My grandparents came over on Father’s Day along with my three cousins on my father’s side, one of which is married and has a ten month old baby. As we were playing with the baby…

My grandmother (completely serious, not joking – she doesn’t really joke too much): “Erachet, you should get married and have a baby. I think your father would like that.”

Me: *wordlessly trying to figure out what you say to a comment like that*

14 thoughts on “One-Track Mind Followup

  1. Suggested reply: “Well, you know, these days it’s possible to have a baby without getting someone from the other gender involved.”

    Come to think of it, that method is surprisingly reminiscent of the shidduch process.

    Vehamevin Yavin.

  2. Suggested reply: “Oh Bubby, I am so glad to hear you say that! I have been trying to get the nerve up to tell you…. I am not married, but I’m pregnant!”

  3. Note: grandmother *did* say she should get married first… (although for some reason, I missed it the first time as well)

  4. I don’t suppose we could just go with an old fashioned “Thank you Bubby for thinking of me” and leave it at that?

  5. Mindy-
    True, Bubby said she should get married, but as with most bubbies her most pressing desire is “I want to see eyniklach!” Notwithstanding the shande, let’s just call it a state function.
    P.S. Thanks for the haskamah the other day. I think maybe I’ll put that on my resume.

  6. I don’t suppose we could just go with an old fashioned “Thank you Bubby for thinking of me” and leave it at that?


    I’m sorry, have you not been paying attention?Of course not!

    snort. You people must have such dull lives. I would go for hug and “Bubbie – love ya!” while trying not to laugh too hard.

  7. CG- why thank you. I didn’t know I was so important around here….
    Can you be my friend??

    LOL 🙂

  8. Mindy–I’ll have to think about that. Why don’t you send me your resume and I’ll let you know what I think.

  9. Personally I would probably do the it’s-not-worth-it-you-love-her-so-just-smile-and-nod reaction.
    But I’d probably be thinking of saying, “Gosh, really? I never thought of it! What a great idea!”

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  11. bubby said that because she absolutely does not comprehend how hard it is for some people to find the right guy. I bet when she was young she knew, maybe, one single woman.
    and of course I have to weigh in and say, “she loves you, she meant it well, just thank her for thinking about your future, and know it’s coming from a caring place….”

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