10 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Not in the Club

  1. It sounds like peer pressure from all your buddies and family members Especially your own parents, and that nutty
    Shadchan who fixes you up with 5 dates and none really make you push that magic button that’s supposed to be the height of ecstasy. “Ain Tzvei Drai, Ich a Kallah” makes mama and bubby very ecstatic. Hey, wait a minute …Vos is dein Chasan doing for a living… Oy he’s a professional Schnorer. aka Doctor Lawyer or Accountant. and should you decide to become a Melamed [Cheder Rebbe] your future shver and shvigger will have a field day. Don’t worry dear Zaftig Maidel, He’s yours!

  2. Unfortunately, getting engaged, or married, doesn’t get rid of the feeling- it just pushes it down the road to the next “milestone”. As soon as I got married, it felt like everyone around me started having babies. It’s a good prompting to work on not feeling the need to “keep up with the Joneses”. But it’s hard on the emotions.

  3. Completely normal. A friend once described it as feeling stranded on the side of the highway and everyone just passes you by and waves. Pretty unpleasant.

  4. Nu, so what’s the Solution? … Maybe davening to Hashem, .. as Rabbi Shalom Arush and asking him in your hour each day for him to guide you to find your soulmate. Recall that avraham yitzchak abd ya’akov prayed to hashem.

  5. i think it comes in spurts. For ex, this time of the yr – just as summer is ending is a very popular time. All of a sudden, I see mazel tov’s on people’s facebook walls. Wished someone mazel tov on fb yesterday and then again today. We’ll see if there are any tomorrow.

  6. Heard about 2 more engagements today! Told you they came in spurts. and @david aharon – i don’t think fb is ever going broke

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