Mazal Tov to NENYF!

There are some people I feel related to even though I’m not. For example, the young woman around my age who shares my last name and grew up in Queens. I never met her. But I’ve heard all about her from everyone who has ever tried to play Jewish geography with me. If we ever got together, we’d have a gazillion mutual acquaintances to hash over. Sometimes I wonder if she ever gets asked about me. I’d be jealous if she didn’t.

So naturally, I heard about it when she got engaged from a local OnlySimchas junkie.

“Ooh! Look who’s engaged! A relative of yours?”


It’s weird, but I really am quite happy for her. I don’t know her and I can’t even say that I feel like I know her. It’s more like I feel like I should know her. And now she’s engaged! Mazal tov to my NENYF (Newly Engaged Not Yet a Friend)! May you have many simchos in the future – and may I hear all about them.

2 thoughts on “Mazal Tov to NENYF!

  1. Mazal tov!
    There’s somebody from the-not-too-far-area from me that has the same first AND last name as I do. Plus, she’s also sefardi. She was on onlysimchas (I think her engagement was called off, though), but thankfully, she had a picture up. So I didn’t receive any screaming voicemails at 2 AM 😀

  2. i also got one of those. but he lives across the country. also, mazel tov on bin laden getting taken care of.

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