Friday Repost: Talking About Dating

This one is kind of long, and very young.

These days, I have no trouble telling friends “Can’t make it out shopping with you; I have a date.” To which they generally respond, “Oooh, to who?” As if I’m going to give them a name. I do give them a description, though. “Fishing guide, Silver Spring, 5’12”, 28-years-old.” This is usually about as much as I know anyway.

After the date, they’ll generally ask “So, how was Mr. Fishing Guide?” And I’ll say, “A little fishy. I think he wasn’t 5’12” – more like 6′. Lots of big fish stories. Would see again.” This strikes me as utterly reasonable, but somehow I don’t think I would have liked it five years ago.


2 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Talking About Dating

  1. One point that really jumped out at me was how when it came to a girl’s choice, she decided to say no because she had no reason to say yes either, but when it came to another girl who said no for the same reason, then that girl was being too picky and ruining her life.

    When it comes to dating (or is it with everything?) we like to say that for someone else they should just “settle” already, but me, I have sorta good-ish reasons to say no.

    I am no different. So now I started slapping my hand whenever I think something along those unfair lines.

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