Friday Repost: Down With Pre-Date Research!

Well, not entirely. Just before the first date. I don’t do it at all these days. My theory is, if I get to a third date I can start worrying about skeletons in the closet and so on. But so many of my suggestions turn into charming, one-time coffee meets that I no longer see any reason to invest in background searching.

Of course, lots of people have the opposite strategy. They’d rather not go out, so they look for ways to disqualify people ahead of time. Only a rigorous search can turn up enough doubt for that.

One thought on “Friday Repost: Down With Pre-Date Research!

  1. I never bothered with pre-date research, except for an idle google. In those cases, sometimes the guy’s actual age will crop up (hmmm, I think 15 years is too wide a gap) or there will be an entertaining photo of him channeling his inner out of work model. Without a yarmulka.

    The point of references is to make one sound as good as possible, omitting the bits I really need to know. After all, what I consider a chisaron is another’s compliment, and vice versa.

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