Hanging Out on the Boardwalk is Good For Shidduchim

Thanks, Relarela (or should I call you NEF #17 now?) for this post on why it’s important to Be Seen: because you never know who will make your shidduch.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that phrase and rolled my eyes at it. But apparently it’s true. Because you won’t believe who set up Chava and Mordy


6 thoughts on “Hanging Out on the Boardwalk is Good For Shidduchim

  1. See everyone tells you to go to this matchmaker or that matchmaker because “They know good guys”……All you need is a cop on the boardwalk.

  2. FYI, The story has one more component that is NOT in the article. After the initial meeting orchestrated by the cop, the boys and girls went their own ways. However (and I can’t remember who initiated it) one of the chosson and kallah must have seen something that resonated with him/her and had someone look into the other. The shidduch then progressed through “normal” shidduch channels, with research and an acting shadchan between dates, etc.

  3. Baruch Hashem, a shadchan got paid! And the copy probably got very little compared to the shadchan. And if he attends the wedding, as the article implies he will, he’ll have a lot of people pointing at him and whispering. Really classy.

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